Who Can Use Lift Link?

Lift Link Expandable Housing is a modular housing system that allows for the transportation of 4 times the current payload of standard transportable housing units. Providing fully insulated, solid sided accommodation with all modern amenities as quickly as physically possible. Individual units can be erected within 10 minutes of site delivery, available to people with no building experience two people can create large rooms for any conceivable use with ease.

Mining Accommodation

Mining Accommodation

Solve the accommodation shortage problem in busy mining areas with Link Link Housing. The mining industry no longer needs to spend vast sums on road transportation and remote housing. There is now no need to build permanent structures in areas that only see short term population spikes.

Mining Accommodation

Event Housing

Shelter administration staff or performers with your own custom designed housing configuration. Even pack it down and take it with you on the road.

Mining Accommodation

Temporary Classrooms

Cyclone rated Fully insulated school buildings complete with verandas or covered assembly areas can be erected immediately.

Mining Accommodation

Emergency Housing

Natural disasters such as fire, flood, tsunami and wind are a constant threat to much of our country and in many other countries. These units will provide a means by which to house people in great need very quickly and efficiently at a time when logistical recourses are stretched.

Lift Link Rapid Housing for new home builders

Pre Home Construction

Solve your accommodation problem and keep a close eye on your dream project by living on site with Link Link Housing.

Lift Link Rapid Housing for site offices

Site Offices

Construction offices, lunch rooms and meeting rooms can be supplied quickly and cheaply by Lift Link reducing building, transport and storage costs.