Frequently Asked Questions

Do Lift Link units comply with the building standards of Australia?

Lift Link units have been designed to cope with the most extreme conditions worldwide. They are manufactured to comply with, and in many cases exceed, Australian and International building code standards.

What is the Warranty?

All Lift Link buildings are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty that meets the Australian building code. Currently the warranty is 12 months for parts and 6 years for structure.

What is the delivery time?

Please contact your local Lift Link distributor for current estimated delivery dates.

How long will it take to assemble my Lift Link unit?

With the right conditions (e.g. weather, site conditions) Multiple Lift link units can be assembled in a single day

Are Lift Link units temporary structures?

Not necessarily, Lift Link units come with an independent engineers statement certifying its structural performance.

Can it be moved again in the future?

Lift Link units are designed so that they can be ‘compressed down’, then transported and re-opened for as many moves as required.

What do I have to organize before my Lift Link unit arrives?

Securing local council approvals, providing foundations and connections to services are the customer’s responsibility. However, your consultant can provide these additional services to assist you in establishing Lift Link units on site.

What foundations are required?

A Lift Link unit is designed to be supported by 6 standard piles (or Mega Anchors); however, specific foundations can be engineered to allow Lift Links unit to be assembled on virtually any building site.

What are Mega Anchors?

Mega Anchor is a revolutionary Australian designed, award-winning foundation system. Mega Anchor is a cost effective solution that can be used with a wide range of soil types. They are fast and easy to install in all climate and geographic locations. Site disturbance is minimal and as they are not made from concrete or timber the use of chemicals for the treatment of white ants and termites is greatly reduced. See: