The Benefits of Lift Link Housing

Extremely Rapid Build

Fully insulated, solid sided accommodation with all modern amenities can be delivered and erected in a single day. Individual units can be assembled within 10 minutes of site delivery. Two people with virtually no building experience can create large rooms for any conceivable use with ease.

Strong, Safe and Reliable

Lift Link cyclone rated units are built with a steel frame and all materials used in their construction are designed to meet or exceed Australian and International Standards.


Designed to reduce the delivery and assembly time to an absolute minimum. Lift Link units can be transported for a quarter of the cost of conventional housing. In addition, on site labour costs are a fraction of conventional buildings as two people may erect a single unit with a crane.

Hire companies and distributors can hold a greater inventory as less storage space is required. Allowing them to respond to customer demands quicker with fewer Trucks, improving overall profitability

Easily Transported

Lift Link modular buildings can be transported using standard trucking methods without the need for oversize load escort vehicles, resulting in significant time and cost savings. Lift Link Units can be loaded and unloaded using gantry crane, mobile crane, Hiab or side lift truck.

All units stack with the same footprint as standard ISO shipping containers.


Production can quickly be changed or adapted to suit customer requirements.

The four-post design allows the removal of any or all walls while still retaining any modern amenities required. Available in many configurations to suit different needs or requirements, extras rooms and decks are easily added to create as large an area as required.

Re-usable and Re-locatable

Lift Link Units may be assembled or compressed as many times as required without the need for skilled labour. Lift Link units can provide a means by which to house people in great need very quickly and efficiently at times when logistical recourses are stretched.

Environmentally Responsible

A company’s efficiency can be greatly improved by providing housing to its workforce quicker, more reliably at lower cost and with a lot less use of fossil fuels.

Lift Link Units are easily manufactured on mass locally. The units make industry more efficient and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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